Product Spotlight: Mocha Vita Coco Café Latte Chocolate Milk

October 30, 2014
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Product Spotlight: Mocha Vita Coco Café Latte Chocolate Milk



Let’s be honest: no matter how old you get, chocolate milk will always be delicious. But it isn’t exactly bursting with nutritional benefits. Our espresso and reduced fat milk-enhanced café latte is. It’s filled with electrolytes and minerals. And you’ll look really sharp drinking it at a board meeting.


500mL NFPs_Mocha



About the company:

Ten years ago, during a casual outing to a New York City bar, childhood friends Ira Liran and Mike Kirban met two young women from Brazil.

When asked what they missed most about their country, the ladies said "agua de coco," which they called the most nutritious and delicious drink in the world.

Shortly after that night, Ira hopped on a plane to Brazil to see one of the girls and learned that the coconut water hype was real. When Mike came to visit a few months later, they got down to business with a plan to bring coconut water to the US. Vita Coco was born. Read More



Company: All Market Inc.
Brand: Vita Coco
Origin: USA
Category: chocolate milk
Packaging: 330 mL
Claims: Gluten Free. Nutritional
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator





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