Product Spotlight: Madrina´s Ice Cream

December 17, 2012
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Product Spotlight: Madrina´s Ice Cream

For ice cream lovers looking for a new and exotic flavor experience, every spoonful of Madrina’s Coconut, Mango Mango, Piña Raz or Horchata Swirl will transport you to the Tropics. And if you’re headed to the beach (even in your mind) grab a pint with confidence because Madrina’s delivers all the flavor you crave from a premium ice cream but it’s easy on the waistline. So make sure to try all of our unique & exciting new flavors, especially our signature Horchata Swirl, es una revolución!

Madrina’s products are specifically targeted towards 18-34 year-old Hispanic Americans known as New Generation Latinos (NGLs) and general market consumers interested in multicultural products. NGLs are a group of Hispanic Americans whom frequently blend their Latino mainstream American values with popular urban culture. NGLs create new and unique expressions to form a different kind of lifestyle.

“Madrina’s products are as much American as they are Hispanic,” said Paul Corona, Madrina’s Brand Strategist. “Our popular recipes and flavors are a celebration of contemporary multicultural America.”

Madrina´s also sells a line of beverages including Horchata and Iced Coffee.


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