Product Spotlight: Kandy Care Cannabis Cotton Candy

July 5, 2013
Product Spotlight: Kandy Care Cannabis Cotton Candy


You could say that Giselle, the founder of Kandy Care, was born into the Medical Cannabis industry. Her mother has been a patient for most of her life and Giselle's birthday is April 20th! The concept for Kandy Care began when a very elderly family friend developed throat cancer. He became anemic after surgery do to difficulty eating and drinking, and his family had become desperate to help the man they loved. He had never consumed Cannabis prior but they were willing to try and see if it could help him regain his appetite or subdue his pain. Naturally, smoking was out of the question for a throat cancer patient, so they resorted to soaking Cannabis brownies in water. "When I heard what was going on, I thought to myself, there must be a better way, mushy soggy brownies? that's terrible! So I put some thought into it and came up with the idea of medicated lollipops and lozenges" says Giselle. She started with the flavors Butterscotch, Cinnamon and Root Beer hoping these hard candies would allow a time release of medicine and taste much better than soggy brownies. Fortunately he LOVED them, and finally being able to stomach food again put him on the road to recovery. The family couldn't thank Giselle enough. It was after his recovery when she thought, "if I was able to help this old man, maybe I can help more people" and that's when Kandy Care was born!


The Medicine
Kandy Care offers 15 different flavors of lollipops and lozenges. Each lollipop contains up to 65mg THC. The lozenges are 1/2 the potency of the lollipops with two in each package. This allows patients the option for a lighter dose of medicine. Be sure to try the Caramel chews and the infamous Cotton Kandy (as delicious as it sounds!) which is 55mg THC. p.s. If you're curious about this product check out the #kandycare hashtag on instagram...cult following!


Look out for new Kandy Care Products!
In 2014, Kandy Care will be releasing a new product by the name of "Kare Bears." You will find a package of 30 lightly dosed assorted gummy bears of around 2mg THC each. Patients will be able to choose from both sweet and sour bears! Look for them soon in a dispensary near you! Kandy Care medical Cannabis lozenges and lollipops can be found in dispensaries in Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, Richmond, San Jose


Why Does Testing Help?
Kandy Care believes that "It is very important to test your product with a third party lab. In today's industry, many products are found to be contaminated with different bacteria, molds, yeast, pesticides, e. coli and worse.
In order to offer patients a clean, safe and consistent product, I believe you have to use a third party lab."
"Kandy Care stated working with CW out of curiosity in the beginning stages of development. It wasn't until working with the lab that we became educated as to what the statistics were on edibles, flowers and concentrates that we not being tested and were found to have high levels of contaminants. This is very dangerous and harmful to patients. Kandy Care made the decision right away that we would work very closely with CW in order to ensure a Clean, Safe, Consistent product. We are proud of our partnership with CW and recommend them to anyone who is looking to better they medicine safety standers." Kandy Care currently tests each batch of products for both cleanliness and consistency in potency before they reach patients.
Medical cannabis cotton candy by Kandy Care. Will it give you cotton mouth?

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