Product Spotlight: iCON Energy Drink

July 18, 2013
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Product Spotlight: iCON Energy Drink



“As the name implies so is the product”.

iCON was created this year, 2013 after a long period of formulary research to find a superb quality of an energy drink that would fit the name ICON.
We chose “iCON” as the name of our energy drink because of our sincere belief that it is itself an icon.


We created iCON for young adults in particular but also for the general population as a whole except the teenagers whom we strongly suggest that they should not consume caffeine.
iCON formulation is different from what is obtained in the market today. This is very important because we wanted to stand alone instead of a copycat of what is obtained in the market. This uniqueness is the testimony to iCON taste, which has a mild fruity taste that seems to activate the taste buds to make it tantalizing and inviting as compared to the harsh taste with bad aftertaste that is common.

We refer to iCON energy drink as a “focused energy drink” because the formulation of the ingredients almost if not completely eliminates the jittering effect and the sudden bottom down energy effect few hours after the consumption of energy drink, the phenomenon called “crashing”.

iCON is formulated to have a focused effect that will keep you in an energy steady state for the duration of your activities.


iCON with the superb quality could have been priced to reflect on these attributes but we realized that there are quite a section of the population who could not afford a can of energy drink because of their exorbitant prices hence the reason iCON is priced within the reach of a common consumer. This is very significant because many consumers are coming back to enjoy a high quality energy drink without breaking their pocket books.

iCON energy drink with out of this world can graphic design of a deep blue background marinated with water drops makes the product quite inviting. Many consumers have commented on can design being the selling point for them before they even have the opportunity to indulge in iCON.
With the overwhelming receptionof our iCON since the introduction early this year, we projected that by the end of this year, 2013 over 1.5 million cans will be sold.
Our 2014 projection is for over a 300% increase in sales world wide. This will amount to 6 million cans. This will be possible because of the strong demand of iCON at home and countries around the world.

It is also our goal to use 2% of the profits to help the population in need of help around the world.
We believe that iCON offers opportunity to both the distributors and the retailers to become a part and parcel of the exciting venture that our iCON offers.



Company: iCON Beverages
Brand: iCON Energy Drink
Category: Sports & Energy Drinks
Origin: USA
Packaging: 250ml can
Claims: Energy
Varieties: Original, Sugar Free
Price: $.99 USD






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  1. Heather Sheri Bland

    In 2013-2014 I lived in Shreveport la and I bought 3 icons everyday well I moved back home to North Carolina til 3 weeks ago now I’m back and no more icons?? Where can I get this product ??


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