Product Spotlight: Fruits & Wine by Moncigale

July 12, 2013 1 Comment » Add Consumer Insight
Product Spotlight: Fruits & Wine by Moncigale


Fruits and Wine by Moncigale in France is a line of ready to drink wine beverages.

Slightly alcoholic (about 7%), they combine the delicacy of real fruit juice with the freshness of the wine. Fresh, fruity, delicious, tangy... something for everyone!

Passionfruit Raspberry
Those looking for a drink both gourmet and fruity but full of character will love this variety.
Basic red wine and raspberry infusion, Red Raspberry will surprise you with its rich and delicate aromas.

Pink Grapefruit
Fresh and fruity, this rosé wine and real pink grapefruit juice based drink will surprise you with its freshness and intense and tart notes typical of the grapefruit.

White Sangria

Discover sangria in a new light: the delicacy of white wine, the freshness of citrus aromas, the complexity of spices...
White Sangria will surprise you with its particularly rich and delicate taste... passionately citrus!
Drink cool with ice cubes.

White Peach
Summer invites itself into your glass with this combination of white wine and infusion of peach. Its delicate flavor is a refreshing appetizier thanks to the subtle balance between the sweetness of the peach and the liveliness of the white wine.

Red Blackberry
This autumn fruit marks the end of the summer season, but Indian summer is still an opportunity to laze in the Sun: no need to wait until September to discover the sweet and tart flavors of BlackBerry.


Company: Moncigale
Brand:  Fruits & Wine
Category: Flavored Alcohol
Origin: France
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 7%
Varieties: Passionfruit Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, White Sangria, White Peach, Red Blackberry