Product Spotlight: Fisherman’s Friend Mint

December 9, 2016
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Product Spotlight: Fisherman’s Friend Mint


With demand for sugar free products on the rise, 1991 was the year our Sugar Free Mint Flavor Lozenges were introduced. The new recipe proved a huge success.








Company Overview

Way back in 1865 the town of Fleetwood in Lancashire on the North West coast of England was a thriving community and was very much the centre of the United Kingdom's fishing industry.

Fishermen young and old from the region used to depart on long fishing voyages from Fleetwood into the hostile and unwelcoming conditions of the North Sea and the Arctic Circle.

Conditions were tough and you had to be strong to continue on these voyages and many of the fishermen would suffer from coughs, cold and bronchial problems from the prolonged freezing cold and hostile weather.

One of the first residents of Fleetwood was a young pharmacist by the name of James Lofthouse. Amongst the many very effective treatments and remedies that James Lofthouse created was an extremely strong liquid containing menthol and eucalyptus, which helped relieve problems experienced by fishermen in the harsh conditions.

To make it easier to transport at sea, James Lofthouse made this liquid into small lozenges, which were much favoured by the local fishermen, who soon began referring to the miracle lozenges as their "Friends" and would not leave shore without them. It was therefore these first consumers who gave us the name Fisherman's Friend.




Fisherman's Friend Lozenges. Original Extra Strong in 25g,45g or Siamese (50g) sizes. Aniseed in 25g. Sugar Free Blackcurrant in 25g and 45g. Sugar Free Cherry in 25g, 45g and Siamese (50g). Sugar Free Mint in 25g. Original Extra Strong Tooth Friendly in 25g. Sugar Free Lemon in 25g.



Company: Fisherman’s Friend
Brand: Fisherman’s Friend
Origin: UK
Category: lozenges
Packaging: 25 g
Claims: Sugar Free
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: In most major supermarkets, pharmacies, forecourts and local retailers.








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