Product Spotlight: Diet Slimming Perfume

June 20, 2013
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Product Spotlight: Diet Slimming Perfume


For most of us slimming down for summer means calorie counting and plenty of exercise. But if you've left it a little late, Diet Slimming Perfume could be just the ticket.

According to the makers of the £24.99 fragrance, a slim figure could be as little as five sniffs away thanks to appetite killing ingredients such as seaweed.

It is also packed with weight-loss boosting herbs and boasts a fresh citrus top note to keep you smelling sweet while you slim.

Bizarre though it might sound, Diet Slimming Perfume isn't the first of its kind. Last year, French company, Velds, released 'Prends Moi', which claimed to help dieters 'slim with pleasure'.

According to Velds, the perfume's 'slimming complex' - formulated with caffeine, carnitine and spirulina extract - kickstarts weight loss.

What's more, they added, trials on non-dieting women aged between 18 and 70 years old revealed that three quarters felt the perfume limited the need to snack, while 73 per cent enjoyed wearing it.

Diet Slimming Perfume, while made with a different combination of herbs, is also claimed to suppress appetite while also improving the mood and boosting the metabolism.

Vee Koppelman, founder of beauty supplies site, VZ Hair and Glamour said: 'Diet Slimming Perfume is a fantastic new product for dieters and those keen to lose a few pounds before baring all on the beach or at a summer wedding.

'It is completely natural and the benefits it offers are incredible, from improving circulation and boosting the immune system, to providing a natural antioxidant which detoxes the body.'



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