Dairy Spotlight Spotlight: Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk

March 27, 2013
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Dairy Spotlight Spotlight: Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk


Cocoa Metro Belgian Chocolate Milk is a premium drinking chocolate with a richer, deeper cocoa taste. A healthy dose of natural Belgian chocolate, fresh dairy milk, real sugar, and natural vanilla give you a dark Belgian chocolate milk that answers your serious chocolate cravings. And you know how dangerous unanswered chocolate cravings can be.



What´s in It?

Belgian Cocoa + Fresh Milk (no hormones) + Real Sugar + Natural Vanilla + Carrageenan

Yes, that’s all folks.

We’re not messing around here. Only the best Belgian chocolate—heaps of it—goes into our fresh milk. We carefully chose our Belgian chocolate for its deep and rich cocoa flavor profile. It is high end cocoa for high end Mmmmm. And about that fresh milk—it comes from family farms and people who really are into what they do. These cows are the most socially well-adjusted cows on earth. And they don’t ever do drugs. We just can’t let our cow friends have any loathsome hormones. They’re clean.

Do yourself a favor—don’t pour it into a cup. Drink right from the bottle.





Company: Cocoa Metro
Brand: Cocoa Metro
Slogan: You Can Fire Your Therapist, Carpe Cocoa
Category: Dairy Drinks
Origin: USA
Packaging: 8 fl oz
Claims: Each 8 oz. serving has 240 calories, 30 g of sugar, and 7 g of fat.
Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate
Where to Buy
: Store Locator
Website: cocoametro.com






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