Product Spotlight: Coca Cola Life

July 10, 2013 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Product Spotlight: Coca Cola Life


Coca-Cola Life is a product of The Coca-Cola Company launched in Argentina in June, 2013. It's the first version of the family produced with stevia and sugar as sweeteners. It was launched for the first time worldwide in Argentina, although it is unknown if it will debut outside of the country in the future.

It is a low-calories version of Coca-Cola, having 36kcal/200mL, 60% calories reduction compared with the classic version. Coca-Cola Life will co-exist with Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Zero in the Argentinian market.


Company: Coca Cola
Brand:  Coca Cola Life
Category: Carbonated Beverages
Origin: Argentina
Packaging: Can, Bottle
Claims: Low Calorie, Sweetened with Stevia