Product Spotlight: BlackStar Cold Pressed Coffee

July 10, 2013
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Product Spotlight: BlackStar Cold Pressed Coffee


This is iced coffee but not as you know it. Made directly from freshly roasted and ground coffee this is liquid gold in a brown glass bottle. Serve chilled. You won't regret it.

Blackstar Cold Pressed coffee (CPC) takes the flavour of our roasted coffees and unexpectedly transports them to the world of iced ca!eine. Inspired by long Brisbane summer days, we've developed a range of CPC's. They are - Full Creamy, Soy Deluxe and Total Black.

Thirst quenching, great with food, a serious alternative for when you need ca!eine but its just too hot to sit down to a Latte. With 60% less caffeine than other extraction methods - you can drink at night without concern. Blackstar CPC is sustainably packaged, hand bottled and is made from fair trade and organic ingredients

What exactly is CPC you may be wondering? Firstly, we batch roast the single origin coffees required for the CPC blend. Then we grind and immediately soak these grounds in large brewing vats. Overnight the coffee solids seep slowly into the water. Mysteriously this cold infusion method transfers only the best natural flavours from the coffee, leaving behind the bitter and astringent elements.

Next, we "press/squeeze" the ground coffee using massive muslin sacks hand stitched by our mums. Once separated, the used grounds are then distributed to several of our neighbours for their backyard composting programs. Before bottling we add a touch of vanilla, just the right amount of mexican agave, maleny dairy milk or soy and there it is. A fully natural, artificial-free, preservative-free, fairtrade organic, fresh roasted cold coffee experience. Damn this is good sh*%! Taste it, we made it made for you.


Company: BlackStar Coffee
Brand:  BlackStar
Category: Coffee
Origin: Australia
Packaging:  Bottle
Claims: Eco Friendly Packaging



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