Product Spotlight: BEEE 0% Goats Milk Kefir

August 16, 2013
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Product Spotlight: BEEE 0% Goats Milk Kefir


BEEE from Spain is an innovative company producing a range of dairy products.  Today we bring you there 0% Goats Milk Kefir. Made from pasteurized organic skim milk. This drinkable dairy product is available in a 250g glass bottle.

BEEE also sells natural yogurt and cheese products.

Goats Milk Features
Having a high content of medium chain fatty acids, it is quickly metabolized producing immediate energy.

The protein and fat in goat milk are easier to digest than cow´s milk.

It contains 15% more calcium than that of cow´s milk.


Company:  BEEE
Brand:  BEEE
Origin: Spain
Category: Dairy
Packaging: 250g Glass Bottle
Claims: All Natural
Varieties: Kefir, 0% Kefir, Cheese

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