Product Spotlight: American Harvest Organic Spirit

August 6, 2013
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Product Spotlight: American Harvest Organic Spirit


Like America itself, American Harvest was built on a promise. From field to bottle, a promise to create the finest quality product, without compromise to the environment or our nation’s natural resources. American Harvest is proudly handcrafted in small batches from organic American wheat, certified organic ingredients and water from deep beneath the Snake River Plain, yielding a distinctly smooth and silky spirit with a crisp, clean taste.

What is American Harvest

Distinct taste: American Harvest is organic vodka to which a proprietary blend of organic ingredients has been added, creating a truly unique vodka specialty. It’s a revolutionary way to look at the vodka category. The addition of these ingredients results in a distinctive, smooth, clean and crisp character.

American made: American Harvest is handcrafted in small batches from organic winter wheat grown on a family owned and sustainably managed American farm, and from water from aquifers deep beneath the Snake River plain.
Quality: American Harvest has been developed with great care for the quality, organic nature and sustainable growing practices of all of its ingredients. It has no artificial additives or preservatives. The American Harvest Distillery located in Rigby, Idaho is independently owned and operated and is USDA Certified Organic.

Why Organic

Organic is a symbol of a premium, quality product and is a point of differentiation in spirits.
US sales of organic food and beverages have grown from $1 billion in 1990 to $24.8 billion in 2009 and are continuing to rise at a rate of over 5% per year.


Company: Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc
Brand: American Harvest
Slogan: Organic Vodka, Organic Flavor
Origin: USA
Category: Liquor, Alcohol
Claims: Organic
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Price: $23.99 USD




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