Product Review: Tooters Ready to Drink Liqueur

March 25, 2013 13 Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Product Review:  Tooters Ready to Drink Liqueur




Tooter Lingo Liqueurs have been described by some as “the most innovative packaging of distilled spirits produced in the last fifty years”. The package consists of fifteen (15) or thirty (30) individually sealed 25ml Tooters and is approved as a 750ml container. Tooter Lingo Liqueurs may sound familiar. The original Tooters are the empty test tube shooters that continue to be extremely popular on-premise after twenty-one years in the market. People can now drink Tooters at home and at parties. For the ultimate convenience we have included the glassware and even poured the drink. It really is "The Party in a Tube."


Tooter Lingo Liqueurs are thirty (30) proof and come in seven brands (flavors).
1. Blu-Dacious Kamikazi – blue curacao and vodka
2. Red-Diculous on the Beach – sex on the beach
3. Yellin’ Melon Balls – vodka and melon liqueur
4. Ala Bama SlamaA fruity blend with a southern “punch"
5. Ultimate Apple-tini - vodka and sour apple liqueur
6. Mango Smash - mango rum with a little taste of the islands




Company: Mango Bottling
Brand: Tooters
Slogan: The Party in a Tube
Category: Alcohol, Ready to Drink
Origin: USA
Packaging: 15 pack,  30 pack (375ml)
Varieties:  Alabama Slama, Bludalicious Kami Kaze, Ultimate Appletini, Red Diculous on the Beach, Yellin Melon Balls
Alcohol Volume: 15%
Price: $16.89 (30 pack)
Where to Buy: Store Locator