Product Review: Country Girl Cocktails

November 15, 2012 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Product Review: Country Girl Cocktails

CountryGirl Cocktails launched same-named ready-to-serve, low-calorie Lemonade, Peach Sweet Tea and Margarita cocktails. The Lemonade variety blends vodka and citrus flavors; Peach Sweet Tea combines vodka with natural tea and peach flavors; and Margarita features tequila, triple sec and agave nectar. At 32 proof, each variety contains approximately 50 calories per 1.5-ounce serving and is available in 750-ml and 1.75-liter bottles for $13.99 and $19.99, respectively. CountryGirl Cocktails, Nashville, Tenn.


Who's A Countrygirl?

CountryGirls are found everywhere and aren’t hard to define. They are fun loving, social and active people found in all walks of life. CountryGirl Cocktails appeals to this wide range of consumers with many different interests.

People in the city will serve them on their terrace – while people in the country will love them at their barn parties. People who just came from a workout will feel confident that they aren’t going to negate their hard work – while people having a leisurely day can be sure that they aren’t adding extra calories.

From office parties to backyard barbeques, CountryGirls are longing for a DISTINCT EXPERIENCE. The flavors in our product line gives them just that. Each CountryGirl Cocktail contains the power to transport the consumer to memories of favorite vacations – Margarita; a slower pace of Summer – Lemonade; or just the taste of home – Sweet Peach Tea.

We know that once people try them, they will all be CountryGirls.

Demographic Summary:
Women Ages 21 to 40
Active and Social Lifestyle
Health Conscious - low calorie/guilt free
Looking for Convenience - no mixers or separate bottles - Chill - Serve – Drink
Value Premium beverage (32 proof)