Product Review: Caribe Cooler Limonium

October 18, 2012
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Product Review: Caribe Cooler Limonium


Caribe Cooler has launched a new innovate flavor to their growing line of ready to drink alcohlic beverages, Limonium.  A mix of alcohol (neutral spirit according to the ingredients) lemon flavoring and salt.  This beverage comes is the classic Caribe Cooler 300ml glass bottle and contains 4.7% alcohol.  At first glance one might think that salt in a mixed beverage might not taste that good however the sweet citrus flavor with a touch of salt actually is quite refreshing and goes down very smoothly.

Analysis & Impact:

Ready to Drink alcohol  beverages is a growing category worldwide.  New product launches are up 25% on average over the past three years.  Companies are developing innovative flavor offerings to reflect regional tastes to meet the growing demands of consumers. Caribe Cooler is targeting a local mexican taste preference using citrus and salt.  Salt is traditionally used when drinking tequila so this combination may attract that type of consumer. In general RTD´s and coolers are targeted at a female audience and Limonium is no different although more and more male consumers are turning to mixed flavored alcohol for health reason. Opportunites exist for other beverage companies to tap into regional tastes to grow their brands.

Company: Pernod Ricard

Brand: Caribe Cooler

Spotted in: Guadalajara, Mexico

Category: Alcohol, RTD, Flavored Alcohol Beverages

Presentation: 300ml

Alcohol Content: 4.7%

Varieties: Peach, Wine,  Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Mango Pineapple, Fusion, Green Apple Kiwi

Price: $12 Mexican Pesos

Website: Caribe Cooler

TrendMonitor Visitor Rating:

Product rating: 3.63/5 (8)

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