Product Launch: Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

March 31, 2016
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Product Launch: Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

Drink. Feel Good. Repeat.
Breakfast is now effortless. Just add a Coffee Block to hot water and launch your day.
...or just enjoy your happy coffee moment. We do both.

Coffee Blocks is the easiest, most perfect butter coffee. All in one packet.


Coffee Blocks are the all in one butter coffee. Just add to hot water and mix. It couldn't be easier.

Each packet contains 1 serving's worth of:

  • grass fed clarified butter
  • organic virgin coconut oil
  • organic vanilla extract
  • organic egg yolk
  • and COFFEE!



Burn Fat for Energy
Simply put, you can either burn fat or sugar for energy. Typically, after waking up, the body is a fasted, fat burning machine. You could continue burning fat (including body fat) for fuel or you can eat a carbohydrate rich meal and switch to using sugar for energy. Once you consume sugars/carbs, the body will prefer to keep burning sugars for fuel. After that initial sugar runs out, the body will crave more sugar… and more sugar... the sugar cycle starts. Sugar is burned and fat is stored....and getting rid of stubborn fat becomes nearly impossible.



Start with a Coffee Block
Unfortunately, our current options for breakfast are limited to a ton of convenient, but sugar filled meals OR a few low carb, high fat solutions that are very inconvenient to make. Having a Coffee Block solves that dilemma while helping you burn fat. Our instant butter coffee saves time and starts your day with the healthy fats that’ll give you a boost of energy.

Coffee Blocks Can Pay for Themselves
Making Coffee Blocks Instant Butter Coffee part of your daily routine could save you money. Most people eat breakfast and drink coffee everyday, and those costs add up. The average health conscious person will spend $109 per month on breakfast and coffee. Why not combine the two, get rid of the sugar in the morning, and get your day started right with some convenient butter coffee from Coffee Blocks #ownyourmorning
To make a Coffee Block, squeeze the packet into a mug, add 10 - 12 oz of water (our favorite is 4 oz of room temp, and 8 oz of hot water), and mix. It's the fastest way to make butter coffee.








About the Company

We’re Coffee Blocks. We've reinvented Butter Coffee.

"At the beginning of your day, you’ll look at our product and see a representation of us - our beliefs, our love of simplicity, and our desire to bring health and happiness together." - Tom Meredith

Coffee Blocks was invented in Los Angeles, is made in New England, and are enjoyed nationwide (international coming soon).







Company: Coffee Blocks
Brand: Coffee Blocks
Slogan: Better Butter Coffee
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 1.1oz
Claims:  Sustained Energy
Price: $23.95 (8 pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online









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