Personal Care Spotlight: Beardition Really Good Beard Shampoo

December 23, 2014
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Personal Care Spotlight: Beardition Really Good Beard Shampoo


"Beard shampoo? Is that a real thing?"

Of course! We care too much about spreading the word on healthy grooming practices to want to sneak one by you. So here's the deal: a beard shampoo differs from a normal hair shampoo in that it is formulated for the more sensitive areas on one's face. All in all, it's a bit gentler. We start with an aloe vera base, which greatly helps keep those areas hydrated and healthy. All of our products are 100% all natural and will help soften up your fuzzy face to keep it happy + healthy.

Made from all natural ingredients including: Organic Aloe Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and Essential Oil, Essence of Cucumber and Mint fragrance. Net weight 8 oz.

*Buy any four or more products and we'll throw in a Beardition cotton drawstring bag.


About Beardition

Welcome to, the home of an all natural(ly) awesome men's facial + hair products company. We're Mark Williams and Kristin Schleihs, the two behind the beards...thankfully one of us just figuratively. We're proud to be a Nashville, TN based company, officially launching in November 2012. Please enjoy a quick view below if you'd like to learn a bit more about us. Oh, and that little guys up top is Mark's dog, Roy. He's the bossman, but he usually lets us run most of the meetings.




Company: Beardition
Brand: Beardition
Slogan: Enhance Your Beardliness
Origin: USA
Category: Hair Care
Packaging: 8fl oz
Claims: All Natural
Variants: Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving Cream, After Shave, Beard Oil
Price: $14.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online






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