Perfumers Launch Whiskey, Tea Perfumes

April 20, 2013
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Perfumers Launch Whiskey, Tea Perfumes

And in the future, expect mimosa, gin, and pinot perfumes

It was only a matter of time before wine-inspired perfume would lead to harder liquors, like whiskey and gin, showing up in fragrances. Good thing it's all happening tastefully, with perfume company Commodity making a case for boozy perfumes with smart marketing and smart minimalism.

The start-up has a Whiskey scent for men and a Tea scent for women available for pre-order, but other scents on the drawing board include Paper, Gold, Dew, Gin, and Oak. In the future, the start-up hopes to allow customers to fill out a scent profile, mailing samples that fit said profile. And while we might not really want to smell like single malt Scotch Whisky for the majority of our days, we would probably dig the Tea scent, or perhaps the Mimosa.

This isn't the first time food and drinks have inspired perfume and scents; stranger scents like tamale or pizza have been marketed in the past, not to mention perfumes to pair with wines.

Watch their pitch over at their website, and decide for yourself if whiskey cologne might be worth a shot; we imagine it'll be a bit more refined than the dark, boozy smell of a few questionable nights in a whiskey bar.

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