Packaging Spotlight: The Real McCoy Concealed Cocktails

March 27, 2013
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Packaging Spotlight: The Real McCoy Concealed Cocktails
The brief was to create a brand and a set of three cocktails drawing inspiration from the period of
1930’s America.
I looked specifically at smuggling during the Prohibition focusing on a reported case of smuggling
alcohol in eggs. I designed a series of three egg boxes which housed the pre-mixed cocktails hidded
inside real eggs. I then engineered a system to allow controlled release of the alcohol once cracked.
The Logo

The logo uses this idea of smuggling and hiding things in plain sight by concealing the Captain’s smuggling boat inside an alcohol bottle. The poured drink next to it hints that it is perhaps more than simply a ship in a bottle. Inspired by a selection of circular logo designs from the 1930s, it is designed like a sticker to literally brand the drinks with the Captain’s seal of approval.

The Label

The three different boxes are grayscale because, as a contemporary product, they are designed as if we are looking back on the era. Because film and photography of the 20s and early 30s was in black and white, we tend to perceive the decade without colour, hence the design choice.

The Box

Designed by Cargo Collective


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