Packaging Spotlight: Octa Smartfood

February 22, 2017 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Packaging Spotlight: Octa Smartfood



Designed by

Irina Kosheleva

Moscow, Russian Federation



Octa — a functional drink with a new take on everyday food. One portion of Octa containes one third of recommended daily allowance of nutritional agents, vitamins and minerals and can easily substitute a proper meal. Natural protein and farmer milk lay at the very core of Octa.

The task was to create packaging design for the drink. Infographics were used as a foundation of graphical language, clearly indicating drink’s content and elements ratio. Colour coding was assigned to various flavours. Visible through elements’ names the drink serves as a colour itself. As the fluid level in the bottle goes gradually away the elements visibility also fades away and so an interaction with the product through contact takes place.