Packaging Spotlight: Matter, a New Antimicrobial Coating for Packaging That Protects Against 99.9% of Microbes,

October 27, 2020
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Packaging Spotlight: Matter, a New Antimicrobial Coating for Packaging That Protects Against 99.9% of Microbes,




This new platform was created by strategic agency Designsake Studio as a way for brands to easily adapt packaging standards to ensure both safety and sustainability

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Designsake Studio, a strategic agency specializing in branding and packaging design, announced its new Matter platform, making a new form of antimicrobial protective coating that works with a variety of packaging materials available to partners who wish to update their product packaging in light of today's consumer concerns.

Matter is an FDA & EPA Certified antimicrobial technology that provides protection against 99.9% of microbes, and can be applied to physical materials, such as shipping boxes & product packaging, as well as paper, plastics, glass, metal and textiles. Matter uses advanced silver technology developed over the course of years by chemists and packaging experts to eliminate the opportunity for microbes to exist on a protected surface. Because it is a versatile, invisible coating, it can be applied to both new or existing packaging, making it the most efficient and cost-effective way of providing antimicrobial protection to consumer products.

"We know the risk of disease transmission from surfaces is real, but the global pandemic has caused us all to realize the actual vulnerabilities of high touch surfaces, including product packaging. As a creative studio working closely with companies who are leading the way in developing products that put customers first, we asked ourselves, how are brands meeting these new demands for safer delivery of products, and how can packaging be a tool to achieve this?" said Danielle McWaters, founder and CEO of Designsake Studio. "We began to explore possible solutions that eventually led us to launch Matter. We've proven you don't have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety or recyclability. We hope this can bring joy back to the unboxing experience and create the next evolution of safe and sustainable packaging solutions, as we know this shift towards purchasing products online is here to stay."

In coming months, companies will have the ability to 'brand' their product packaging with the Matter logo, acting as a first of its kind antimicrobial certification, while highlighting a brand's values around safety and sustainability. Because Matter applies as an invisible coating, it does not compromise the integrity of a product's aesthetic or functionality, and can be quickly integrated into a company's existing packaging in the final steps of the print production process. With sustainability top of mind, Matter was also created to have no impact on the ultimate recyclability of the end product, while still providing protection for the lifetime of the treated material.

Kulia Skincare, a botanical-based sustainable skincare brand, is launching early November with the Matter coating integrated on its product packaging materials. Designsake Studio, who also developed Kulia's branding, partnered with Neenah, a manufacturer of premium papers, to create the Matter production samples which are available to brands upon request.

"With Matter, Designsake continues to push the boundaries of packaging design by innovating where consumers care the most: the precise touchpoint where human hands meet packaging surfaces," said Dallas Franklin, Creative Director of Neenah. "Introducing a product line that is not only beautiful and sustainable, but also antimicrobial, is exactly the reason why Neenah values Designsake as a critical packaging partner, one who is at the forefront of packaging technology."

"When deciding to incorporate Matter into our packaging, we asked ourselves if it was supportive of the transparency and sustainability we are striving for. The answer was yes and yes," said Jasmine Keeney, founder of Kulia Skincare. "We are creating a brand that cares about the well-being of our customers and providing transparency for them. Partnering with Matter very much aligns with this and was a no-brainer for us."

Matter is now accepting orders from manufacturers and retail brands, and can provide assistance with identifying preferred printing vendors that are educated on the Matter product. To learn more about the antimicrobial coating or request a sample, brands can visit


Matter Brand Experience

Matter Brand Experience



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