Packaging Spotlight: InSpiral Kale Chips and Superfood Bites – Repackaged

August 12, 2013
Packaging Spotlight: InSpiral Kale Chips and Superfood Bites – Repackaged






Dressed in 100% biodegradable fabrics*
Bespoke material:
Co-designed by inSpiral & Natural Flexible

Disintegrates in landfill
Sourced from sustainably managed plantations


inSpiral have always used:

100% green electricity in their production plant
recycled plastic pots for kale chips

but we were concerned about how many of these plastic tubs might end up in landfill. We worked in collaboration with Natural Flexible, a trading subsidiary of the food-grade packaging company National Flexible, to co-design a bespoke material, using their NatureFlex film as the base.


NatureFlex film is certified to European standards of compostability, meaning that it will simply disintegrate back into the natural world from which it came. It is:

non-genetically modified wood pulp
cultivated using low impact methods
from a sustainably managed hard wood plantation of Eucalyptus trees.

The films use a novel heat seal-resin on each side which offer great barrier properties against moisture, oils and temperatures. However the products made from this film, already in use and circulation, just weren’t quite right for inSpiral.....


The problem with this film is it that it is normally attached to a non-compostable metallic lining; inSpiral wanted 100% biodegradability and in doing so, it seemed, were raising the bar of the industry. “It was a joint process to make this bespoke material,” says Mark Thompson of Natural Flexible. “inSpiral had high goals and targets and didn’t want to compromise.” Eventually, after much experimentation, we managed to create a package for the kale chips, where NatureFlex film attaches to a layer of paper-based origin instead of metal, creating 100% biodegradability.


To ensure minimal environmental impact throughout the entire process, the chemicals used are:

employed in effluent treatment processes used on site.

This ensures their maximum usage and prevents the need for unnecessary chemicals to be brought into play, another dimension to the material that we are really proud of. “We think this shows the extent of mindfulness that has been practised throughout the design and manufacture of this material” says Dominik Schnell, inSpiral’s co-director and founder.

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  1. Alison

    finally a crisp bag that decomposes in compost
    these guys are AWESOME!
    i’m such a raving fan
    and the chips contain no heated fats so dont give me zits – at last i have found my heaven!!!

  2. Nancy

    We need more companies in the world like this! Well done inspiral for creating truly healthy products, which are good for the planet and for the people!


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