Packaging Spotlight: Bon Appotato!

July 16, 2013
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Packaging Spotlight: Bon Appotato!



DISCLAIMER: This project has no connection to the Ore Ida brand. This is purely student work done for a course and was not created for profit or to rival Ore Ida's brand. Done as a group project for the California State University Long Beach Graphic Design BFA program, in a project sponsored by Perspective Branding.

Fellow designers: Erika Martin, Irving Barcenas, Nik Killian, and Sanaz Azaritaji.
How do you make potatoes a relevant option in today's busy, fast-paced world? Simple. You add a new twist on the traditional vegetable by creating simple, easy to make, culturally inspired potato dishes.

By creating a three step system that was versatile and convenient without sacrificing health, quality, or flavor, our goal was to create a new product under the Ore Ida brand aimed at reviving the potato as a healthy option for busy moms or self proclaimed "foodies".










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