Packages with ‘Free’ Bonus Items

April 27, 2012 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Packages with ‘Free’ Bonus Items

Adding a free bonus item is a great selling point. It puts products above their competitors, and gives consumers the chance to try another product from the company or gain a free gift. However, are these items always free? It can be hard to find out without a bit of searching, as the promotional packages are often placed on their own shelf while single items are in a different aisle all together.

There are numerous examples of packages with a 'free' bonus item in the cosmetics section of the supermarket Soriana. The first I price checked was a 400 milliter jar of Nivea Creme with cosmetics bag. Alone, the creme costs $79.95 while with the 'free' bag the price is increased to $84.00. It is by no means a large price difference but customers who did not particularly want to purchase a cosmetics bag would still be making a loss through thinking they were getting something for free.

Another example is the Mexican product Saba Buenas Noches pack of 28 sanitary pads. With a towel bag, the price increases from $58.00 to $65.50 – I would be surprised if the towel bag is worth much more than the extra $7.50.

There was, however, one product that went completely the other way. A 250-milliliter bottle of Ego shampoo normally costs $41.00. The pack containing an additional 250-milliter bottle of drops in price to $40.00

It just goes to show, marketing can be deceptive. Consumers need to decide whether they really want that 'free' item and check what the price normally is to ensure they are getting a good deal.

Purchased at: Soriana.