Oral Care Spotlight: WooBamboo! Eco Friendly Toothbrushes

September 26, 2014
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Oral Care Spotlight: WooBamboo! Eco Friendly Toothbrushes



We are extremely proud to introduce our line of eco-friendly natural toothbrushes! The handles are all made from organically grown, sustainable, biodegradable, antimicrobial bamboo. The recyclable bristles are Dupont Tynex, arguably the best quality and most trusted bristle available. So when you’re done using your Woo Bamboo toothbrush, you could literally pull out and recycle the bristles, and throw the handle into your compost where it will gently biodegrade. As we say, they’re “Dentist approved, Mother Nature recommended!”




The WooBamboo Standard Handle toothbrush is ergonomically curved to fit the hand. Dentists would recommend using our SOFT bristle, but we also have this design available in a MEDIUM and a SUPER SOFT (for sensitive teeth & gums).




The WooBamboo Slim Handle brush is slightly thinner, with a smaller head – typically (but not only) for a smaller mouth and hand. Again, dentists would recommend using our SOFT bristle, but we also have this design available in a MEDIUM and a SUPER SOFT (for sensitive teeth & gums).





Lastly, the WooBamboo “Sprouts” are small child’s or travel sized brushes. For children’s teeth, a dentist would recommend using SUPER SOFT bristles, so that’s what we use exclusively. (But large custom orders can be made with either SOFT, MEDIUM, SUPER SOFT) If you’re interested in large custom orders or private labeling,





Using a natural product versus using a plastic product will, of course, require a bit more care. It’s not a big deal, however, but here are some pointers:

Don’t let your brush sit in liquid! This is a big one. Perhaps the BIGGEST one. Bamboo is porous, so it will eventually soak up water and expand. This is no bueno. So do yourself and your new favorite toothbrush a favor: dry it after each use and stand it up in a vented cup (or something similar). Your toothbrush will last SO much longer.

Don’t brush hard! This is universal – meaning this goes for all tooth brushers out there, not just those using WooBamboo. There’s no need to punish your gums and your tooth enamel, and any dentist will tell you the same thing: Harder isn’t better. Brushing softer will still clean plaque from your teeth and massage your gums, without irritating your sensitive tissue and cutting the lifespan from your bristles. All-in-all, a good strategy.

Don’t keep it anywhere near your toilet! Yeah, this one’s a little gross – but uncomfortably true. Every flush of your toilet triggers a mini atom bombish-type explosion of bacteria that showers down on everything within a general 6 foot radius. That’s right, it’s like a tiny Pompeii in your bathroom. What helps? close the lid before you trigger the ol’ flusharoo.

Change your brush after two months. Okay, honestly, you could go a lot longer. But it’s best not to. No matter how clean and dry you keep your brush, and even though bamboo is anti-microbial, bacteria will still win in the end. So for OPTIMAL cleanliness, swap it out every 2 months.

Swap your brush after you’re sick. Another biggie. When you’re sick, tons of germs hang out in your saliva. It’s just a fun place to be if you’re a microbe. Changing your brush after you’re sickness passes is just a smart thing to do, since (like we mentioned above) no matter HOW well you clean your brush, bacteria wins. And after you’re sick, your toothbrush is a tiki-torch of tiny germy terrorists. Don’t let them win.

Enjoy. That’s right. It’s all about havin’ fun, bein’ green, and doin’ the job right. Take your time when you brush. Enjoy the process. Let your morning brush be a time to remind yourself of all the things you want to accomplish during the day, and let your nightly brush be a time to (more times than not) marvel at how little of the things you wanted to get done actually happened, and put a strategy together for the next round. In all seriousness, brushing is super important – and we’re thrilled and honored that you’re trusting this task to your WooBamboo. Cheers, everybody.




 About the Company
WooBamboo started because we wanted to create an innovative product that was universal, simple to use, and required little to no change of daily routine. We wanted something that would inspire people to continue to make small, eco-friendly steps in the right direction. We decided on a toothbrush. That way, every morning and every night you’d be reminded that you made a good decision for the planet, and that you have the power to make more.

That’s what it’s about. Small changes towards a much greater good. WOOBAMBOO: Innovate. Inspire. Change the world.



Company: WooBamboo
Brand: WooBamboo
Origin: USA
Category: Oral Care
Claims: Eco Friendly
Variants: Standard, Slim, Sprouts
Price: $4.95 - $5.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: woobamboo.com








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