Oral Care Spotlight: Bite Zero Waste Toothpaste Tablets

April 30, 2020
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Oral Care Spotlight: Bite Zero Waste Toothpaste Tablets



Free Shipping & Auto Refills — Little smiles will love the first stress-free, mess-free way for kids to brush their teeth.

Made with all-natural ingredients and a twist of mandarin orange, our berry-flavored bits will keep teeth healthy, sinks clean, and will introduce your whole family to eco-friendly habits.

Four Month Supply — 248 tablets
Refills Sent Automatically
Free Shipping
You'll save 38%
Tooth Fairy approved

No mess, no stress
Berry Twist Bits are the first stress-free, mess-free way for kids to brush their teeth. They’re perfectly portioned and ready to bite, making sticky toothpaste messes a thing of the past.
Just good clean fun
Made with all-natural ingredients our Berry Twist flavored toothpaste bits are gentle, non-toxic, and fluoride free.

Easy as bite, brush, smile, repeat
Bite down on your Bit
Brush with a wet toothbrush
Smile and watch it foam up like magic
Repeat twice a day, every day

Safety First
Berry Twist Bits are fluoride free and though we don't recommend it, they are safe to swallow. Use as directed.

No plastic ever
We’ve delivered millions of smiles without a single plastic tube entering a landfill.

About the Company
Every Little Bit Counts.
Ending plastic waste, one healthy smile at a time.
Bite started with two questions: Why does toothpaste come in plastic tubes and what exactly are we putting in our bodies when we brush our teeth?

Digging deep.
At the heart of Bite, we want to do better. That means asking ourselves, every day, how we can improve. Whether it’s mindlessly tossing out an empty toothpaste tube or glossing over the ingredients list, small daily actions can shape the future of our planet. By uncovering how we can be better to ourselves and to the earth, we are one step closer to a healthier and plastic-free world.

Not ours.
We believe the earth is not ours to keep, but to protect for future generations. We believe that animals are not ours to test on or to use as ingredients. By using only recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials, we’re able not to add to our already overflowing landfills and polluted oceans — and we’re able to replace products that would otherwise end up there.



Company: Bite
Brand: Bite
Origin: USA
Category: Oral Care
Packaging: 248 bits
Varieties: Fresh Mint, Activated Charcoal, Berry Twist
Claims: Sustainable Packaging
Pricing: Starts at $7.50 a month
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: bitetoothpastebits.com










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