Non-Alcoholic Adult Drink ZEO Hits the UK

August 20, 2012 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Non-Alcoholic Adult Drink ZEO Hits the UK

A brand-new revolutionary non-alcoholic adult beverage ZEO, produced by Freedrink Ltd,  has been introduced on the UK market in the on-trade this summer. The drink, which is claimed to be “beyond alcohol”, changes mood and can be consumed as a safe alternative to alcohol, triggering senses with tingly, zingy, fizzy sensorial effects and spicy, zesty, peppery, gingery, exotic flavours.

Graphic and structural packaging for the brand was created by the UK packaging specialist Blue Marlin.

ZEO’s unique formula is a result of the hard work conducted by leading Dutchflavour researchers, who have spent 4 years blending a variety of natural extracts and essences to create a highly versatile drink, which, like a chameleon, each time surprises by different sensation.

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