My Social Stylist App

September 24, 2012
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My Social Stylist App

Imagine this.

You are out shopping, alone, and you come across this shirt. You’re hesitant to buy it, though you like it, so you try it on, like every good fashionista does. It fits you but you think you may need a second opinion. Do you?

A) awkwardly ask the shop assistant for her opinion and guessing from her glares as you walked into the store you’re not going to get an honest one

B) peek into the next changing booth, invading someones privacy, and ask them for their opinion


C) buy it anyway, though you are still unsure if you would ever wear it in public.

If your answer was

D) all of those answers are too awkward and I’d leave the shirt and run for my life, knocking any hinderance out of my way

…then you need to have a look at this!

So many times we’ve gone shopping alone and when needing a second opinion there’s no one around to give it. We’ve come across an app that is your shopping buddy. My Social Stylist is an app that allows you to share an item of clothing that you are thinking about buying, or just an outfit of the day look that you are unsure about, and in return you gain real time advice! How genius is that!

My Social Stylist comes from the great minds of Leah and Ainslee, two of Australia’s brilliant minds, and it is simple to use. You either put up a picture to get fashion advice or to give advice. Advice is given  in the form of comments or a simple click of the Love it! button, if you are liking the look that has been posted, or the Leave it! button if you are not feeling it as much.

Download the app on Itunes, and check out their website for more information.

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