My Business: Bogota’s booming micro-brewery

May 2, 2012
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My Business: Bogota’s booming micro-brewery
Beer is big business in Colombia: a whopping $6.2bn (4.7bn euros; £3.8bn) a year business to be precise.

But for 37-year-old Berny Silberwasser the secret of his success has been keeping it small.

"The funny thing is that we actually are the second biggest brewery in Colombia," he says of the Bogota Beer Company which he founded in December 2002.

"But the biggest one (Bavaria, a subsidiary of the London-based multinational SABMiller) controls 99% of the market. They produce around 20 million hectolitres per year; we have a plant that produces 14,000 hectolitres."

Full article @ BBC News

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