Melitta brand in Brazil debuts single-serve cartons

August 5, 2012 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Melitta brand in Brazil debuts single-serve cartons

Coffee-flavored milk drinks from Melitta are packaged for on-the-go consumption in easy-to-grip, single-serve liquid cartons—a first in Brazil.

Global coffee specialist Melitta has selected a liquid carton packaging system from SIG Combibloc for its coffee-flavored milk drinks. The Wake brand beverage, available in Toffee, Mocca, and Chocoberry (white chocolate and strawberry) flavors, is available
in combifitSmall250-mL carton packs—the first time these on-the-go cartons have been offered in Brazil.

“Ready-to-drink coffee drinks are becoming more and more popular in Brazil, and with good reason,” says Ricardo Rodriguez, cluster head South America at SIG Combibloc.
“Not only do they taste great, but they perk you up in a natural way. Packaged ready to drink, they’re ideal for mobile consumers who don’t want to miss out on an energizing coffee treat even when they’re out and about, such as playing sport or enjoying their leisure time. Traditionally, in Brazil people still mainly brew coffee freshly and drink it hot, but we’re seeing clear potential for growth, especially with a dynamic, young consumer group.”

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