Marijuana Infused Bacon is a Thing Now

May 22, 2013
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Marijuana Infused Bacon is a Thing Now

SEATTLE -- Pot-infused bacon? There's a shop for that.

A Seattle butcher said he's found a way to marry marijuana and meat - by feeding pot plants to pigs.

"We're able to make anything you can imagine," said William von Schneidau, who runs BB Ranch Meats in the heart of Pike Place Market. "Somebody requests something and we make it, and make some extra of it, and see if people like it."

Von Schneidau, who has long experimented with meat - even feeding vodka to hogs in the past - said he can't remember how he came up with the idea to feed pot to pigs.

"I don't smoke, but I guess it's foggy," he said, chuckling.

He partnered with a local medical marijuana grower earlier this year to take the remnants of pot plants and feed them to swine on a ranch in Snohomish.

"People have been asking all these questions. 'Do you think (the pigs are) feeling it? Are they stoned?' and I'm like, 'Wait a minute. Let's back up here for a second.' All we're trying to do is to help the local ranchers and to figure out some ways to shorten the carbon footprint," von Schneidau said.

The shop sold four pigs in various forms earlier this year, including with pot-infused bacon. The meat "tasted savory," von Schneidau said, adding that he has a small amount leftover that he's using to make into prosciutto.

A few feet from his store - in front of the famous, glowing Pike Place Market sign - tourists stood by another pig Tuesday, posing for pictures and putting money into its bank.

"It seemed like a good cause," said one visitor from Philadelphia, as she placed coins into Rachel the Pig, the Market mascot which raises money for charity.
When asked about the other pig at the nearby butcher shop, she laughed.

"Hash pigs! Let's give more money," she said, chuckling. When asked about what the pot pigs might taste like, she joked, "I'll take the fifth."

"We haven't fed them any sour pickles yet," von Schneidau said about future possibilities, "but we'll see what happens."

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