Kraft Spins Off Snacks in Crummy New Name

March 22, 2012
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Kraft Spins Off Snacks in Crummy New Name

Kraft is spinning off its snack business from its grocery business, and it seemingly couldn't have come up with a stranger new name for the snacks portion: Mondelez. That's pronounced "mohn-dah-LEEZ," Bloomberg reports, and experts are scratching their heads over the awkward choice. It's a combination of "monde," meaning "world," and "delez," meaning "delicious." A contest was held to select the new name, which was dreamed up by two employees, the New York Post notes. But don't worry, your children won't be growing up with "Mondelez Macaroni & Cheese." That iconic brand will retain the Kraft name, along with other grocery perennials including Velveeta, Brand Channel reports. Only the snack items, including Oreos and Fig Newtons, will be saddled with the new moniker. But fortunately, it will be a corporate name change rather than a brand name change, so "Mondelez" will appear only on the back of the packages.


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