Kaporo: Japanese Cuisine For The Mexican Market

May 3, 2012
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Kaporo: Japanese Cuisine For The Mexican Market


Japanese food is easily found in any of the major Mexican cities, with large chains such as Sushi Itto usually having multiple locations. These restaurants could be more accurately labeled as Mexican/Japanese fusions as it is normal to find most Mexican sushi having a spicy element and made with favorite local ingredients such as panela cheese and grilled corn.

Founded in 1994, Kaporo is a Mexican enterprise dedicated to producing Japanese cuisine for the Mexican retail market. One or more of their products can usually be found in any of the major Mexican supermarkets and they are undoubtedly the dominant brand in their category.

Kaporo has no competition with its sushi rice product. It’s the only brand available in the local supermarkets of La Condesa, an area of Mexico city noted for it’s high population of foreigners, where the supermarkets have adapted their product lines for divergent tastes.

Although the product is by a Mexican company and made for the Mexican market, it’s brand identity is heavily influenced by Japanese culture and it could be easily mistaken for a Japanese produced product at first inspection. Though by keeping it looking traditional, the product connotes authenticity and quality.

Analysis and Impact:

Given the popularity of Japanese cuisine, in particular sushi, Kaporo’s sushi rice is likely well received and a successful product. It is likely to be most popular among the young/middle-aged, medium to high-class segments who have more adventurous taste buds and are more exposed to different food trends.

The main obstacle for this product comes not in the form of rivals, but rather in the difficulty of preparing sushi at home. It is a semi-complex task, requiring many ingredients, it is also time-consuming. That aside, the product looks great and is priced well. For those Mexicans that are into preparing sushi at home, this is the product - and the only product.

Company: Kaporo.

Brand: Kaporo - Sushi Rice.

Spotted in: Superama, La Condesa, Mexico City.

Presentation: 800g.

Price: $39.00 MXN.

Available in: Supermarkets

Claims: -

Website: www.kaporo.com.mx

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Product rating: 5/5 (1)

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