Juicing Company Creates Social Photo Sharing Network For Your Health [Pics]

December 18, 2011 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Juicing Company Creates Social Photo Sharing Network For Your Health [Pics]


Featured in New York Magazine as one of the best juice cleanses available in New York City, BluePrintCleanse has taken on the market with a clear and straightforward approach that leaves consumers with the essentials – much like their products.

The idea behind BPC is to make the benefits of fasting accessible, tolerable, and even enjoyable for people from a wide variety of nutritional lifestyles. Juicers have the option of selecting one of three cleanses: Renovation, Foundation, or Excavation. The first is for those who are most likely to get fruit from a cocktail and salad on their cheeseburger; it provides more than the signature green juice, which is the brand’s most popular. The second is for the in-between eater, someone who has maybe considered being a vegetarian and generally eats well but still enjoys her dessert. And for the juicing veteran or always-vegan-and-organic eater, Excavation is the way to go.

In addition to cleanses, BPC features nutritional consultations, spa packages, a book and kit to get you back onto healthy eating, and the option to order juices to supplement your diet…when you’re consuming solid food. Their approach keeps excess information out of the equation and doesn’t overload consumers with too much information. Their site maintains a sharp design with a clean and simple look that make BPC appealing to a wide audience.

We especially like BluePrintLife, a sort of branded Instagram that creates a pictorial collage of the lifestyle BPC’s consumers engage in.


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