Introducing Vitamin Water Attention With Caffeine To Support Mental Focus

March 18, 2012
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Introducing Vitamin Water Attention With Caffeine To Support Mental Focus

VitaminWater‘s all new caffeine-packed attention flavor boasts 87mg of caffeine to “help support mental focus.” While the new flavor is not exactly a brand name of medication used to treat bouts of ADHD, Adderrall is definitely the first term that came to mind when we were informed about Glacéau’s latest VitaminWater flavor.

The bottle’s label has some cute quips and questions that transport us back to our college days of smuggling baggies of “focus pills” into the dormitories and chasing them down our gullets with gallons of coffee. Here’s what the front label reads…of course in all lower case, true to the vitaminwater branding:

why do we check e-mail and one minute later re-check it? why do we look at our cellphone for no reason? it didn’t ring or vibrate. well, while you’re doing all that, why not try this drink. each 20 fl oz bottle has 87mg of caffeine to help support mental focus. now you can try focusing on the things that you actually want to focus on like, why the heck did she unfriend me?

It’s not very fair to use vitaminwater: attention in the same sentence as Adderrall. In fact, it’s so different in actual content that it’s just a giggly reference we made because of how suggestive we feel their branding around it is. One read through the of the above quote by any caffeine-nursing college student should raise some funky, nostalgic eyebrows that remind them of that kid down the hall currently ramped on Addies…trying to cure the same symptoms that VitaminWater poses in their latest product description.

We’ve yet to taste or experience the new flavor, and according to our foodie friend Andy who’s been on the new drink for over a month, the fuji apple-watermelon flavored  drink definitely stands its own in the flavor department.

Each bottle of the new VitaminWater Attention has 120 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 milligrams of sodium, 32 grams of carbohydrates and 32 grams of sugar. Apparently glucose, of which each bottle has 15 grams of, can help with cognitive performance.

This new Attention flavor is a pretty bold move, considering the brand already has a pink-hued Kiwi Strawberry-flavored ‘focus‘ variety. ‘Focus’ is advertised to be fortified with vitamin A and ginkgo biloba for mental relaxation. I guess VitaminWater is just looking to cover the gamut of subtle human ailments with tasty beverages.

Will you be trying the new Attention flavor? Have you already tried it? Has it helped with your studying/focus/attention at all? Speak on it in the comments below!

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