Introducing Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate

August 29, 2012
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Introducing Tabasco Spicy Dark Chocolate


Tabasco is no longer limiting itself to selling hot sauce as they recently branched into the chocolate market.  Spicy product launches are up across the world and we have seen some interesting chocolate flavor combinations this year including with bacon.  Consumers willing to try more daring flavor combinations has led to the creation of some really interesting products..  Originally launched as a limited edition product in the UK the decision to continue on with the product was due to high sales numbers.  Encased in a red box, the eight wedges of dark chocolate (53 percent minimum cocoa solids) are infused with TABASCO spice and contain 30 calories each.  TABASCO Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges will be launched at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2012 (stand 610), with an RSP of £3.49 per unit.

Analysis & Impact:

Traditional companies like Tabasco have begun to look for innovative ways to sell their products.  Chocolate has been the product of choice for so many companies to infuse with different flavors.  Diversifying your product offering through limited edition launches allows your brand to branch out into categories which were previously impossible to get in to.  The success of crazy ideas like bacon flavored chocolate or waffle flavored vodka has helped conservative companies go back to the drawing board and get creative.  There are many consumers willing to try just about any weird product you put in front of them and they are constantly demanding newer and stranger offerings.  Not all of these odd combinations are going to work but by creating limited edition products manufacturers can test the waters before diving in.

At Insights Media we see all kinds of opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to continue to put out creative product offerings that combine different categories, flavors and colors. There really aren´t any boundaries any more when it comes to developing a new product.  The long term success of these products is debatable since they are inevitably viewed as novelty items however we would expect to see at least a few great new products be developed as a result.

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