Inspiration Spotlight: Good Societea Tea Infused Bars

August 30, 2013
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Inspiration Spotlight: Good Societea Tea Infused Bars

The first nutritious snack bar for foodies -- bringing good taste to the real food movement!

Artisan bakers and chocolatiers have used tea for years to make gourmet cookies and chocolates--we're bringing that sophistication to the humble snack bar! But we need your help, please. 🙂

The simplest ideas can sometimes be the best. Good Societea bars are brilliantly simple: they combine the sophisticated flavor profiles of tea with 100% whole-food ingredients. That’s it. No gluten, dairy, soy, or GMOs; no inflammatory or high-fructose ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, or dates. Just organic, satisfying, healthy snack bars made exclusively from nutrient-dense whole foods.

As social entrepreneurs, we’re mindful of your well-being, society, and the environment through every step of the production process. That’s why we ethically source ingredients that offer superior natural health benefits.


The Goods

Good Societea bars aren't just delicious; they're packed with nutrition for us health-conscious types! Each bar contains 8g of plant-based protein, 4g of fiber, and 1000mg of tea. Did we mention Good Societea is digestion friendly, a good source of iron, and uses low-glycemic sweeteners to avoid blood sugar spikes? Or that all the nutrients come from real food? Try finding that in a Clif Bar!

Choco Chai Rooibos: Exotic South African rooibos tea, meet the intoxicating cinnamon and spices of chai. This is one sweet marriage. Add vegan dark chocolate and protein- and omega-packed hemp seeds and your taste buds simply won’t believe you’re eating healthy!

Coconut Green Tea: You’ve never had green tea like this before! Matcha green tea plus coconut three ways: coconut oil; coconut nectar; and coconut flakes. Of course, we had to add some vegan, organic chocolate, too. I mean, what’s a bar without chocolate, right? Don’t worry; it’s still only 200 calories.

Vanilla Earl Grey: Indulgent, decadent, seductively good. The shades of earl grey in this chocolate and vanilla dream will blow your…taste buds. It’s the perfect healthy alternative to sneaking a late night snack.

Our Story
We started Good Societea bars in our kitchen after being frustrated by the lack of real food options for people on-the-go. Kristin has always been limited by allergies and could never eat nutrition bars because almost all included inflammatories like nut butters, gluten, dairy, and soy. Van has always eaten bars as part of his busy lifestyle, but he was tired of eating bars with highly processed ingredients and artificially inflated nutrients. Plus, all the sugar in other bars made him feel bad. Even the "healthy" bars made from things like dates and dried fruit were super high in fructose!


After doing some research, we discovered why the big bar corporations were selling us all bad products: their business strategy was to produce the cheapest product possible! But Kristin remembered sitting in on a Stanford University lecture with the founder of the clothing company Patagonia. The Patagonia business model was built on making the best product possible in an ethical and sustainable way. We believed we could apply the same approach to snacking.

So we got to work in our kitchen making bars with real, quality ingredients—all organic, GMO-free, and non-inflammatory. After almost a year of experimenting and dozens upon dozens of batches of homemade bars, we finally found the perfect combination of taste, nutrition, and environmentally sustainable ingredients. The result: Good Societea Bars! The awesome flavors and benefits of tea, combined with 100% whole food ingredients like organic chocolate, two forms of plant protein, and coconut nectar.

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