Innovative New Idea from Sabritas

May 2, 2012
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Innovative New Idea from Sabritas


Sabritas are branching out to new categories with their new mashed potato mix Puré de Papa. This is a very innovative idea that is just beginning to hit the market. So far, we have not even seen the product for sale in stores – it was spotted in a flyer in Guadalajara. The packets are available in three flavors: natural, rajas with cream and brocoli with cream.

Analysis and Impact:

The product is very easy to make, and its convenience will hopefully encourage people to consume potatoes in a healthier way. The mix has very low fat content at 8 grams fat per every 100 grams, and only 3 grams of which is saturated fat. The mix is also free from cholesterol, making this a much healthier alternative to the majority of Sabritas products.

Company: Sabritas.

Brand: Puré de Papa.

Spotted in: A flyer in Guadalajara.

Claims: Zero cholesterol, very low fat, easy to make, convenient.


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