Industry News: The Country Hen Hosts Russian Delegates For Facilities Tour

June 12, 2017
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Industry News: The Country Hen Hosts Russian Delegates For Facilities Tour



Massachusetts Egg Company Celebrates Its Organic Agriculture and Leadership in Sustainability

Hubbardston, MA - The Country Hen, the home of the Original, Organic Omega-3 Egg, was honored to host a delegation from Russia on an Open World program called “Organic Certification and Agricultural Markets.” The trip was organized by Spencer Gale of the International Center of Worcester, who coordinates professional development programs for visiting foreign leaders. The Country Hen was chosen for this distinctive opportunity as a leader in organic agriculture, sustainability and innovation.

On Wednesday May 24, Bob Beauregard, General Manager provided guests with a tour of the main farm, processing plant, feed mill, and The Country Hen’s expansion project and renewable energy solar project.

The group of five Russian delegates (pictured right), with a wide range of professional backgrounds, had various interests and goals outlined for their visit including: NOP standards, organic certifications, promotion and marketing of organic products, organic best practices, innovation and technology in agricultural industry, animal husbandry, and increasing consumer awareness of organics.

“The Country Hen was honored to be asked to host this event as a leader in organic agriculture, sustainability and innovation,” shares Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Manager for The Country Hen. “We truly enjoyed the beneficial exchange of ideas that naturally precipitates from the collaboration of colleagues in this setting.”

Producing eggs that are healthier for humans in a manner that promotes the well being of the hens is a top priority at The Country Hen. The farm lives up to the highest humane standards, including offering sunlit cage free barns and outdoor porch access as well as organic, non-GMO feed milled at the farm. The difference truly can be seen in the eggs: whites that don’t run, stand-up yolks of a deeper color, and an indescribably delicious taste. This year’s visit by the Russian delegation was validation of the company’s ongoing work.


About The Country Hen
The Country Hen has been cage-free since 1988 when founder George Bass decided to produce only the healthiest eggs he could while treating each of his hens humanely. With three major omega-3s, they are the original organic omega-3 enriched egg using certified organic proprietary feed, giving their eggs superior nutrition. The certified organic feed is milled exclusively for The Country Hen at their farm in Hubbardston, MA. The Country Hen believes that organic farming produces healthier plants, which produce better grains and leaves, which produce healthier hens, which produce healthier eggs. Visit for more information.





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