Industry News: The Country Hen Earns Humane Certification from HFAC

October 7, 2017
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Industry News: The Country Hen Earns Humane Certification from HFAC



Massachusetts Egg Producer Strengthens Commitment to Humane Farming Through HFAC

Hubbardston, MA (October 4, 2017)The Country Hen, a leading producer of Organic, Omega-3 eggs, is celebrating its newest certification granted by Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC). HFAC is considered the leading non-profit certification organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production. Under its guidelines for kinder and more responsible farm animal practices, The Country Hen has further pledged to carry out the humane values that it has held since the company’s inception. Consumers who insist on Certified Humane® products in grocery stores and seek out the Certified Humane logo will soon see it displayed on all The Country Hen eggs.

The Country Hen’s newest certification from HFAC supports the brand’s promise to produce eggs for humans in a manner that promotes the wellbeing of the hens. The state-of-the-art farm lives up to the highest humane standards, including sunlit cage free barns and outdoor porch access as well as organic, non-GMO feed milled at the farm. The difference is evident in the eggs: the whites don't run, the yolks stand tall, and unparalleled taste. Now among a selective group of egg producers labeled as Certified Humane®, shoppers who care just as much about transparency as they do about the taste of their eggs can trust The Country Hen’s superiority, which is now validated by a third-party certifying organization.

“The Country Hen has always put the health and safety of our hens first,” shares Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Manager for The Country Hen. “It’s gratifying to now be able to say that the humane standards we have valued since our founding can be supported and validated by an organization as respected industry-wide as Humane Farm Animal Care.”

This new certification joins the Orthodox Union kosher certification and the USDA Organic Certification displayed on The Country Hen packaging. Obtaining the HFAC designation illustrates The Country Hen's long-standing commitment to a humane life for its hens and on-farm practices that result in the best quality eggs.


About The Country Hen
The Country Hen has been cage-free since 1988 when founder George Bass decided to produce only the healthiest eggs he could while treating each of his hens humanely. With all three omega-3s, The Country Hen Eggs are the original organic omega-3 enriched egg using certified organic proprietary feed, giving their eggs superior nutrition. The certified organic feed is milled exclusively for The Country Hen at their farm in Hubbardston, MA. The Country Hen believes that organic farming produces healthier plants, which produce better grains and leaves, which produce healthier hens, which produce healthier eggs. Visit for more information.



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