Industry News: ParmCrisps and Thinsters Snack Food Brands Call Essex County Home

October 13, 2019
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Industry News: ParmCrisps and Thinsters Snack Food Brands Call Essex County Home



Trend-Setting Snack Brands on the Move to Montclair, NJ as Company Growth Accelerates

 MONTCLAIR, NJ (August 15, 2019)That’s How We Roll, LLC, parent company of unparalleled snack brands ParmCrisps and Thinsters, announced today that it has relocated its home office to Montclair, New Jersey. The move is a result of the company’s unprecedented growth and is a reflection of the major movement internally. Expecting continued growth and heightened elevation of the company’s presence as an innovative snack food powerhouse, That’s How We Roll, LLC now calls 214 Glenridge Ave. in Montclair, New Jersey home.

The move to Montclair is a response to the impressive and rapid growth experienced by That’s How We Roll, LLC. Including the areas of employee count and revenue. There has been a recent and growing desire for a transition to a new flagship home office. Not only does the company’s present move offer space for the company’s current size, but it also allows for continued growth.

“Montclair is ideal for us because, not only are we familiar with the small town feel of Essex County due to our previous office space in Fairfield, but we also value Montclair’s diverse cultural heritage and the values the town upholds,” explains Samir Patel, CFO of That’s How We Roll, LLC. “There aren’t too many office spaces right in the heart of downtown Montclair and we were fortunate to partner with Saxum Real Estate who understood what we wanted for our team and the community we wanted to be a part of. They saw our vision for the space on Glenridge Avenue and made it happen.”

It was important for That’s How We Roll, LLC. that the company be headquartered in a city that stands among fellow entrepreneurs, as well as among other small, but growing, businesses with the same desire for growth. That’s How We Roll, LLC. also found a robust and diverse talent pool in the town of Montclair, appealing to the company’s plans for expansion.

That’s How We Roll, LLC.’s innovation has been driven by its two legacy brands: ParmCrisps and Thinsters. ParmCrisps is the first no sugar, no gluten, Keto-friendly, low-carb snack made from real, oven-baked cheese. In efforts to keep in stride with major snack food brands and flavor trends, ParmCrisps continues to disrupt the better-for-you snack category with low-carb snacks with full flavor. Meanwhile, Thinsters is a cookie that checks all the boxes. Made with real butter, real sugar and simple ingredients, Thinsters offers realness, snackability and flavor to the discerning snack food enthusiast.


About That’s How We Roll

That’s How We Roll is a leading marketer of a high-quality, branded shelf-stable foods across North America. Based in Montclair, New Jersey, That’s How We Roll products include ParmCrisps and Thinsters. Distribution can be found in over 10,000 locations within grocery, club and mass.







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