Industry News: ORIG3N Unveils FUEL™, New DNA Assessment Test to Identify Your Unique Nutrition Needs

October 17, 2016
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Industry News: ORIG3N Unveils FUEL™, New DNA Assessment Test to Identify Your Unique Nutrition Needs



FUEL™ Genetic Test Launches at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston

BOSTON, Oct. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Diet and nutrition have never been a one-size fits all activity, but now, consumers will be able to learn exactly how their genes impact their nutritional tendencies, weight and overall health. Today, ORIG3N, a leader in regenerative medicine technology, unveiled FUEL™, a new genetic test focused exclusively on nutrition.

Introduced at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston, FUEL™ is designed to reveal genetic information that will remove some of the roadblocks along the path to optimal health. This will alleviate the frustration consumers often feel when identifying an eating plan that will work best for their unique sensitivities, metabolic factors and more.

FUEL™ is the newest member of the LIFEPROFILE suite of genetic tests, which identify how genes impact specific areas of one's body, providing insights into consumers' genetic makeup.

"There are several types of nutrition genes – from your likelihood to regain weight and have high cholesterol, to why you hate cilantro and how high your caffeine tolerance is," said Robin Smith, co-founder and CEO of ORIG3N. "Once you understand your genetic makeup, you can make choices to change your lifestyle in a way that's tailor-made for how your body works."

FUEL™ assesses the genes that impact your nutrition in the following areas:

  • Food sensitivities, including if you are lactose intolerant, your perception of bitter taste, your level of alcohol tolerance and whether you love or hate cilantro
  • Food breakdown factors such as your cholesterol and lipid counts and how your body stores fat
  • Genes associated with hunger and weight, including the gene that signifies hunger and fullness, appetite, propensity toward obesity, risk of addictive food behaviors, sweet tooth and tendency to re-gain weight you have lost
  • Vitamin conversion for beta carotene, vitamins A, B6, B12, D, E and folate levels

Other LIFEPROFILE™ tests include FITCODE™, AURA™ skin and SUPERHERO™ assessments.

FUEL™ retails $149.00.  For more information on ordering FUEL™, please visit:

Disclaimer: This product is not a diagnostic test and cannot predict your future health. All data, text, images, and graphics associated with this product are for informational purposes only. Use of this product is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical judgment. Please consult your doctor if you have a question about a medical issue.

About ORIG3N, Inc.
ORIG3N is advancing the future of medicine through genetics and regenerative medicine research. The company is doing so by engaging directly with consumers and giving consumers the opportunity to understand their genetic makeup while building the world's largest crowdsourced library of blood samples to support induced pluripotent stem cell research. The cell repository, called LifeCapsule, is used to better understand the cellular and molecular foundations of genetically inherited disease. Thousands of people have already contributed to advancing the future of medicine and human genome research. The founders are serial entrepreneurs whose previous venture, ArtusLabs, was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2011.

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