Industry News: Memorial Day Deal to Upgrade Your At-Home Workout

May 21, 2020
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Industry News: Memorial Day Deal to Upgrade Your At-Home Workout



Memorial Day is coming up and while majority of us is probably not traveling anywhere, it might be a good time to look for new and exciting workouts to keep us active at home. For Memorial Day, The DE Method, an on-demand subscription service using resistance bands, is offering a $170 package for a discounted value of $135. Subscribe for their annual plan between May 22 and May 26 and you will receive their DE Total Body Set for half of its original price!


About Dannah Eve



The seeds of “Dannah Eve” were sown years ago in the dreams of a young woman with a passion for athletics and an abiding love for the game of soccer. Dannah’s competitive spirit powered a personal approach to goal-setting that ultimately led to playing Division 1 soccer at The University of New Mexico. While obstacles stood in the way of Dannah’s dream of playing professional soccer after college, her commitment to fitness in mind, body and spirit grew. That focus helped her overcome a host of personal challenges and obstacles, including the bullying so many young people must overcome in life, as well as people in leadership roles unable or unwilling to recognize her native talent, passion and promise.





After graduating summa cum laude from college, Dannah’s passion for athleticism led to a commitment to give back to her local community. She began coaching children’s soccer teams, while focusing even harder on overpowering her own obstacles through intensive training and goal-setting. Her passion for athletic achievement may have preordained her meeting of future husband Brandon Bollig at a fitness club in Chicago in 2016. With an eight-year career as an NHL hockey player for both the Calgary Flames and champion Chicago Blackhawks, Brandon understood the challenge, stress and need to overcome obstacles that had shaped Dannah’s life. He experienced similar stress playing before packed houses of fans cheering but just as often judging and criticizing every play, even as a member of the 2013 Stanley Cup- winning Blackhawks.





Together, the athletic “power couple” created a new, shared vision – teaching individuals to take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally in ways that will enable them to be the best they can be for themselves, their families and friends, and their communities.

Brandon retired from the NHL in 2019 to join Dannah in driving this new approach to fitness training, promoting healthy lifestyles with a personalized regimen of training, nutritional advice, mental focus and preparation



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