Industry News: Hemp CBD Extract Now for Sale at EnerHealth!

March 30, 2016
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Industry News: Hemp CBD Extract Now for Sale at EnerHealth!



Organic Whole Hemp CBD Extracts Now Available at EnerHealth

Made from local ethically grown and harvested industrial hemp, and extracted with a specialized “spagyric” technique using only organic grape alcohol and pure water, EnerHealth's Whole Hemp CBD is the most effective and safest on the market today.


EnerHealth's extraction process is one of the cleanest and safest as it is done without the

use of toxic solvents, which are used in many CBD products. Specifically, EnerHealth uses ethanol to extract water-insoluble compounds for herbal extracts as it is the least

toxic of the alcohols and is the safest solvent after water.


Beyond safety, ethanol extractions produce a full spectrum profile of the plant, which

includes bioflavonoids and other compounds such as amino acids, sugars, vitamins, fatty acids (omega 3 & 6), chlorophyll, and water.


To further improve taste and safety, Enerhealth whole hemp extracts are suspended in a Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Coconut Oil. When MCT oil is metabolized in the body, it behaves more like a carbohydrate than a fat and does not go through the lymphatic system. Instead, it is transported directly to the liver where it is metabolized so it releases energy like a carbohydrate and creates lots of ketones (which can be used for fuel) in the process.


Enerhealth chose to utilize MCT’s as it is an effective means to reduce the levels of ethanol in the finished product and provide a host of additional health benefits that have long been associated with coconut oil products. Further, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are beneficial as they do not require digestive enzymes or bile acids for digestion and absorption and are thus easily assimilated by the body. Making uptake of this product easier on those who may have poor digestive function.





The most active and effective extract on the market today! 

  • Uses the highest quality ethically grown and harvested Hemp
  • 100% certified organic hemp
  • THC Free (Non intoxicating)
  • Hand-crafted by experts with over 11 years of experience!
  • Great Tasting flavors - Coconut Vanilla, Dreamsicle (Creamy Citrus), & Original Hemp Flavor


Available in four different blends:

100% (approximately 1 gam of CBDs per fluid ounce)

    50% CBD Hemp (500 mg CBDs per fl oz)

    25% hemp CBD (250 mg CBDs per fl oz)

    12.5% CBD Hemp (125 mg CBDs per fl oz)



About the company

EnerHealth Botanicals was incorporated in 2005 by Steve St. Clair and Darren Craddock with the goal of promoting conscious wellness for the mind, body, and soul.

Both of us being Vegetarians, we decided there were some improvements that could be made to the offerings of Vegetarian and Vegan beverages. So we decided that it was time for a few quality organic drinks that promote ultimate health and nutrition.  First we started with developing a new superfood green drink "Enerfood." Then we went on to formulate our Detox and Colon Cleanse, Coconut Milk Powder, Cocoa Mojo and then our organic, whole bean coffee, NutriCafe (we now have 4 blends of Nutricafe: Immune Support Blend, Performance Blend, Cordyceps and Ganoderma).  Both Cocoa Mojo and Nutricafe Coffee blends are infused with organic extracts of medicinal mushrooms to boost physical performance and enhance the immune system.

With the growing concern regarding the level of food stocks and potential food shortages in the USA, we created a storable food container which holds a forty day and forty night supply of organic, non-GMO, vegan foods.

In 2011, we acquired WhiteDove Herbals, Inc. WhiteDove was an herbal tincture company that had been producing herbal tinctures for the past 15 years and private labeling for us for some time.  In fact some of the first bottles of Enerfood we shipped from their building. The tinctures and all of our products are offered online and in various retail outlets throughout the U.S. and Europe now.







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