Industry News: Five Star Foodies Leads Charge in Plant-Based Breakfast with Innovation

October 17, 2018
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Industry News: Five Star Foodies Leads Charge in Plant-Based Breakfast with Innovation



Vegan Frittatas Elevate the Freezer Door, Driving Present and Pressing Conversation Surrounding Plant-Based Foods

Cincinnati, Ohio – Five Star Foodies, a versatile vegan foods company diversifying the frozen food aisle with wholesome ingredients, is leading the charge for plant based food with its newest product offering, Vegan Frittatas. Three SKUs of the Vegan Frittatas are available now wherever Five Star Foodies products are sold – with three additional SKUs on the horizon – at an SRP of $4.49 for each six-ounce package. Consumers driving the movement for conscious foods and a sustainable food system can now enjoy the classic frittata in a way that modernizes it for their current needs. Brands like Five Star Foodies have helped to facilitate today’s important conversations about the benefits of plant-based.

Five Star Foodies’ newest addition to its branded line of products was conceived from consumers’ daily challenge to meet convenience with plant-based food options. Adapting for shoppers, the Frittatas are made with 100 percent non-GMO ingredients, baked as opposed to fried and are crafted with simple, clean superfood ingredients. Pumpkin seeds, vegetables and spices ensure every Frittata is hearty without the need for fillers, preservatives, flavorings or processed proteins. In fact, more than 14 grams of protein per serving make each variety a breakfast solution that begins to define what the plant-based category could evolve to become. Five Star Foodies’ Vegan Frittatas are available in three bold flavors, including Potato Parsley, Tomato Basil, and Corn Chipotle. Soon to launch will be Carrot Dill, Indian Coconut and Banana Sweet Potato Frittatas.

The plant-based category is still a relatively new market. For so long it was dominated by one or two national brands, which offered a small assortment of fairly boring, highly processed options,” shares Elsha DeJong, Director of Sales at Five Star Foodies. Now, the standard vegetarian, vegan and plant-based options are losing shelf presence to more exciting offerings, like our Vegan Frittatas. They are the ideal way to cater to shoppers venturing into the frozen aisle to see what’s new and exciting.

According to HealthFocus International data, 17 percent of consumers aged 15 to 70 claim to eat a predominately plant-based diet. Meanwhile, 60 percent report to be cutting back on meat-based products, demonstrating that the trend towards a plant-based way of life is one that will not fall away quickly. With brands like Five Star Foodies promoting the conversation around the health and sustainability of food, shoppers have more options to help supplement their dietary needs now than ever before – particularly in the freezer aisle.

About Five Star Foodies
Five Star Foodies is a family-owned, plant-based food company – local to Cincinnati, Ohio. Our goal is to provide consumers with foods that are completely meat and dairy free, while still satisfying the need for bold, bright and culinarily diverse flavors. We use only the highest quality ingredients and all of our products are made in small batches, ensuring each burger or frittata is top quality.




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