Industry News: Cucina Antica Celebrates Family Heritage by recreating classic family recipes

September 7, 2018 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Industry News: Cucina Antica Celebrates Family Heritage by recreating classic family recipes


People at home can celebrate Family Heritage Month by recreating classic family recipes and remind family members of where these cherished recipes came from. Many families take this time to research their family history and even visit ancestry sites to learn more about where their ancestors came from.

Some families even map out a family tree. This is a great way to teach younger members of the family where they came from! This visual is also great to add to family scrapbooks and photo albums.

Beyond a tree, families can make scrap books from old family photos, spelling out who everyone is and how they are related. This way, future generations can learn who their relatives were and see how their family grew.

Take a trip! Use this month as an excuse to travel to where your relatives lived at one point. Whether that’s across the state, country or world, this is a great way to connect to your roots and honor loved ones.

Each of Cucina Antica’s artisanal products are made without artificial preservatives, added sugar or water, and are made with real Italian San Marzano tomatoes, as opposed to tomato paste. Cucina Antica’s cooking and pasta sauces feature imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes to achieve the true authenticity consumers have come to expect from the industry’s leading food brands. Consumers can expect quality from each of Cucina Antica’s products, as each sauce is made using an artisanal production method. This allows the flavor of the sauces to amplify as they are used in Cucina Antica’s cookbook recipes.


About Cucina Antica

Cucina Antica sauces are authentic family recipes with no added sugar or preservatives, and are made with imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes. For over 20 years, Chef Neil has been making the sauces through an artisanal production method that allows consumers to cook the sauces without losing any flavor. This artisanal method leaves ample room for the home chef to truly make homemade meals.