Industry News: Blackmores Academy New online learning platform set to transform natural health advice

August 16, 2017
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Industry News: Blackmores Academy New online learning platform set to transform natural health advice

Blackmores new gateway to evidence-based natural health education, training events and resources for pharmacy.
Designed to help pharmacy teams better support their customers on their health and wellbeing journey, the new platform, Blackmores Academy will transform the way pharmacy teams are educated in the latest advances in complementary medicine.

The Blackmores Academy will consist of two areas:

  • Blackmores Education, designed for retail pharmacy staff and students
  • Blackmores Institute Education designed for Healthcare Professionals

Developed by a team of pharmacists, nutritionists, herbalists and naturopaths, Blackmores Education provides a simple-to-use, online learning system comprising of 15-minute interactive modules; downloadable educational videos; and detailed product and health condition fact sheets. In line with the latest research in adult learning, this platform is designed to provide high quality content in an easily digestible style.

Blackmores ANZ Managing Director, Dave Fenlon said Blackmores Education was designed to educate retail pharmacy teams – anywhere, anytime and at their own pace.

“Complementary medicines are an integral part of the healthcare landscape, so it is essential that pharmacy teams are able to continuously advance their learning, making it easier for them to translate clinical evidence into everyday, practical advice for their consumer,” Fenlon said. “We want to invest in their education and future.”

To meet today’s continuously evolving healthcare environment and modern lifestyles, Blackmores Education is accessible from smart devices and can be used in store, at the office or even on the train.

“The system is multilingual to support various language groups and cater for a diverse population of trained professionals and consumers,” Fenlon stated.

“Blackmores is proud to be at the forefront of educational technology with this state-of-the-art platform and support pharmacists who are one of the most trusted professions in Australia and play a key role in advancing the health of the population.

Blackmores Institute Director, Dr Lesley Braun said the Blackmores Education platform will also cater for healthcare professionals who have different educational needs, providing them with training, videos and easy-to-use tools for practice.

“To truly improve healthcare advice on complementary medicine, we need to ensure the entire team is educated – from pharmacist to retail pharmacy assistant,” Dr Braun said.

“Pharmacy assistants are often the first touchpoint for a consumer seeking health advice so it’s essential that they also have a good understanding about complementary medicine and know when to refer queries to pharmacists. Together, a well-educated pharmacy team can provide superior patient care and services, which is what consumers are seeking today.

“It is all about providing a holistic, multi-disciplinary, team approach to complementary medicine.”







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