Industry News: Best in Class For Glasgow Distillery at Global Spirit Masters

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Industry News: Best in Class For Glasgow Distillery at Global Spirit Masters



Specialising in premium gin and single malt distilling, The Glasgow Distillery Company has won five medals at a leading industry competition against 150 of the world’s finest gins.

Celebrating the best superior spirits across the world, the annual Global Spirit Masters Awards presented The Glasgow Distillery with two highly coveted 'Master of Gin' awards.

Rewarding excellence and quality in a blind tasting by a leading industry panel, the Master Medal is the top accolade available and marks the winner as truly exceptional, standing head and shoulders above the other competitors. The top award was given to both the original Makar Glasgow Gin and the Makar Oak Aged Gin.

The Makar portfolio also took home two golds and a silver medal in an impressive five medal haul for the award-winning craft distillery.

Organised by The Spirits Business Magazine since 2008, The Global Spirits Masters is one of the most renowned blind tasting competitions in the world with entries welcomed from distillers across 120 countries with a reach across 45,000 spirit professionals world-wide.

Overall, each gin in the Makar Gin portfolio was awarded:

Master: Makar Glasgow Gin – Super Premium category
Master: Makar Oak Aged Gin – Aged in Oak category
Gold: Makar Glasgow Gin – London Dry category
Gold: Makar Mulberry Aged Gin – Aged in Mulberry Wood category
Silver: Makar Old Tom Gin – Old Tom category

Sixteen gin experts sampled 150 gins and awarded marks for appearance, nose, taste, and overall balance.

Makar London Dry Glasgow Gin won the Master Medal in the highly contested Super Premium category, with judges praising "good juniper structure" and "lingering finish". This expression also picked up a gold medal for the intensely competitive London Dry category.

Experts lauded the "crisp cucumber" flavour of the Makar Oak Aged Gin to garner a Master Medal for the expression and a Gold Medal for the Makar Mulberry Aged Gin.

Commenting on the multiple award wins was Liam Hughes, CEO of The Glasgow Distillery Company, the crafters behind Makar:

"The Global Spirits Masters is an incredible celebration of superior spirits and to have our gin recognised five times by a panel of leading experts is a superb achievement for our hardworking team.

"The two Master Medals and awards across our gin portfolio truly reinforce our belief in producing exceptional quality products. We have been overwhelmed with the positive reviews of our gin range since launching two years ago, these additional Master Medals cements our place as an award-winning producer of super-premium craft products.”

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Makar Glasgow Gin

The first gin to be distilled in Glasgow, Makar Glasgow Gin is a vibrant, hand-crafted, super premium, juniper-led gin.

Makar is distilled in our copper pot still named Annie, named after one of the founder's grandmothers (she loved a G&T).

Makar gin combines seven carefully selected botanicals with Juniper to create the iconic Makar taste. Angelica root, black pepper, liquorice, cassia bark, rosemary, coriander seeds and lemon peel combine to create a delicate, yet distinctly bold juniper-led gin. These seven botanicals are represented in the iconic seven-sided Makar Gin bottle.

Makar derives its name from the traditional scotch word for 'the maker' or 'the crafter'. This reflects the care and attention that is invested in crafting this super-premium spirit, whilst paying respect to its Scottish heritage.

The perfect serve for Makar Glasgow Gin is equal measures of Makar and a quality tonic water, over ice, with a slice of mild green chili pepper.

Makar Gin is the first product release from The Glasgow Distillery Company and was released in late 2014.

Makar Gin is truly as bold and forward as the city from which it is from. Proudly Glaswegian, Makar is putting Glasgow firmly and squarely on the gin-lovers' map.

  • The entire Makar range:
  • Makar Glasgow Gin
  • Makar Old Tom Gin
  • Makar Oak Aged Gin
  • Makar Mulberry Aged Gin


Makar Glasgow Gin:


The Glasgow Distillery Company

Glasgow's first single malt distillery in Glasgow since 1902 and the original pioneers of Scotland's new wave of single malt distilleries.

We take our name from one of Glasgow's oldest and original distilleries. Founded at Dundashill in 1770, the original Glasgow Distillery Company remained active until the beginning of the 20th Century where The Great Depression, Prohibition and two World Wars led to the original distillery, alongside hundreds of others, to sadly close.

In 2011, our three founding partners envisaged an opportunity to bring single-malt whisky distilling back to Glasgow. An opportunity to build a brand new craft distillery in the heart of metropolitan Glasgow and product Scotch Malt Whisky and Premium Gin in the spirit of the original pioneers in which this great merchant city was built.

In 2014 The Glasgow Distillery Company was reborn with new premises in the city and our first whisky was laid down before the years' end, marking the next step in our journey. This whisky will mature for three years and one day from the original cask-date, waiting patiently until it's birth as a fully-formed single malt scotch whisky. In 2018 Glasgow will see the result of this patient waiting game as it welcomes it's first single-malt whisky in over 110 years.

At The Glasgow Distillery Company we look at our trade a little differently. We take on the bold character of the city from which we come; bottling the passion, personality and unmistakable character of Glasgow into our range of unashamedly bold products.

Our spirits are magically hand crafted in our three unique copper stills: Annie, Mhairi and Tara, each named after family members of our three founding members. Each of our products is hand crafted and endorsed by the Craft Distillers Association, of which we are founding members and passionate champions.


The Glasgow Distillery Company: