Industry News: ARYA Curcumin+™ Introduces Curcumin (Bioactive Turmeric Extract) Beverages And Gummies

June 28, 2016
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Industry News: ARYA Curcumin+™ Introduces Curcumin (Bioactive Turmeric Extract) Beverages And Gummies


IRVINE, Calif., June 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Just C, Inc. announces the launch of ARYA Curcumin+ Beverages and Daily Antioxidant Gummy Chews ( Both lines contain ARYA's Curcumin+, providing 27 times the absorption of regular curcumin.

Curcumin, the bioactive ingredient in turmeric responsible for its yellow color, has been touted for centuries as a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It recently became the number one rising star among food trends according to Think with Google. Over 11,000 published studies on the health benefits of curcumin and turmeric can be found online at the US National Library of Medicine.

Comprising only 3-5% of the turmeric root by weight, curcumin is highly water insoluble and very little is absorbed by the body. ARYA's proprietary Curcumin+ solved the solubility and absorption issues and eliminated the turmeric aftertaste. The ARYA drinks, specially blended with natural ingredients and flavors like Citrus, Lemon-lime, Mixed Berry, and Tropical, and the delightful mango gummy chews are designed to appeal to consumers who seek great tasting products with the wellness benefits of curcumin or turmeric.

Each Blend also focuses on a different set of lifestyle goal, namely: Sports, Energy, Immunity and Radiance. "With the exception of the Sports Blend, our drinks are only 5 calories, and naturally sweetened with minimal or zero added sugar," said George Uy, CEO and Founder, stressing the brand's adherence to the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which strongly recommends limiting daily caloric intake from added sugars to less than 10% of total. Added sugar, saturated fat, trans fat, and high sodium intake were cited as 'of particular public health concern' in the United States.

Most recently, observational studies, involving tens of thousands of participants followed for decades were published in major scientific & medical journals which showed consumption of antioxidant-rich food with known anti-inflammatory properties such as coffee, olive oil and spices, are associated with significant health benefits.

"We believe that including food supporting a healthy defense against inflammation such as curcumin, as part of your diet together with a physically active lifestyle, is an important health consideration for all ages. ARYA Curcumin+ may help to recalibrate your body daily and combat unhealthy inflammation triggered by diets rich in sugar and saturated fat, weight gain, physical inactivity, chronic stress, smoking, and sleep disorders," said George Uy.


About ARYA

ARYA's Curcumin+ harnesses the restorative power of curcumin - making it easily absorbed into the bloodstream (27x more effectively than natural curcumin or turmeric extracts) - and without the turmeric taste! The product range includes four beverages that pack the equivalent of 4 tablespoons of turmeric in curcumin absorption per can, and a delicious mango gummy chew which has the equivalent of 1 tablespoon turmeric per serving - giving your body its daily dose of curcumin. ARYA Curcumin+ is GRAS-certified and extracted from non-GMO turmeric.

ARYA Curcumin+ is available online at Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Sears. ARYA products can be found in many Southern California retailers including Gelson's Supermarkets, Clark's Nutrition, AMPM, and LA Fitness. Bristol Farms and Vitamin Shoppe will carry ARYA in August 2016. ARYA Green Tea and Pure Sparkling Water will be coming soon. ARYA Curcumin+ is distributed in Southern California by Statewide Beverage Company, Inc (

ARYA™, ARYA CURCUMIN+™, and CURCUMIN+™ are trademarks owned by JUST C, Inc., which are registered or filed in the U.S. or otherwise used as trademarks by Just C, Inc.




ARYA Curcumin+ Beverages and Gummy Chews (PRNewsFoto/Just C, Inc.)

ARYA Curcumin+ Beverages and Gummy Chews (PRNewsFoto/Just C, Inc.)




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