Industry News: Are Sparkling Water Beverages Really the Best Alternative to Sugary Sodas?

September 26, 2018
Industry News: Are Sparkling Water Beverages Really the Best Alternative to Sugary Sodas?



With the rapid rise of sparkling water beverages in the global market, it’s normal for consumers to ask if they actually are the best alternative to sugary sodas. Sparkling water beverages are often marketed as an awesome, healthy substitute to sodas, but is the healthy part really true?

Regular consumers may think that the difference between the two is not that much because both are carbonated beverages but the truth is their other contents set them apart from one another. In order for us to find out whether or not sparkling water drinks are the best alternative to sugary sodas, let’s go into detail and identify which of this beverage type’s attributes are really better than the average soda and which ones are harmful.

Typically, carbonated water is one of the primary contents of sodas. It is the ingredient that’s mainly responsible for giving popular sodas like Coca-Cola or Pepsi their fizzy goodness, but a host of other ingredients, such as sugar and caffeine, are also added into the carbonated water to give the soda a flavorful, stimulating taste.

Sparkling water is basically just carbonated water that’s derived from a natural source that usually contains small traces of natural minerals. Most sparkling water brands do their best to be completely natural, but there are also some brands that add in a few artificial ingredients to improve the taste and quality of their products. Similar to soft drinks, sparkling water beverages are also bubbly and fizzy due to them being carbonated.

While carbonated water is the common ingredient between sparkling water and soft drinks, their other contents are the ones setting them apart from each other. For example, LaCroix, a leading sparkling water brand that can be ordered from a LaCroix distributor, is completely free of calories, sweeteners, and sodium. On the other hand, original Coca-Cola contains 140 calories, 40mg of sodium, 39g of sugars, and 14% carbohydrates.

By basing on main ingredients alone, you can clearly tell that sparkling water has the edge in the ‘healthy’ department. But is that enough to determine that sparkling water drinks are the best alternative to sodas?

Remember carbonated water? Yes, carbonated water – the common ingredient of sodas and sparkling water drinks. Carbonated water is acidic, which is why both beverages have bubbles that feel good in the mouth. The usual pH of carbonated water is between 3 and 4, making it acidic enough to potentially harm your teeth and bones. Not only that, but carbonated water can also make you fatter because it contains carbon dioxide, a compound that usually triggers a ‘hunger hormone’ that will make you eat more than you should.

While it’s true that carbonated water’s properties have the potential to be harmful, there’s no hard evidence suggesting that sparkling water is bad for consumers. In fact, carbonated water may even be beneficial to your health since it can reduce constipation and improve swallowing ability. Whereas with sugary sodas, there are numerous studies linking the beverage to a number of major health risks.

So yes, sparkling water beverages are definitely the ideal alternative to soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Not only are they healthier and more natural, but they are also arguably as equally flavorful as their sugary counterparts.





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